Following the proposed checklist of required data/ information to implement Odoo Accounting Module:

1 Country and Time zone

2 Base currency and currencies of sales/ purchase transactions

3 Financial/ Fiscal year

4 Closing period

5 No. of users

6 Chart of accounts, parent accounts/ groups and account types for reporting (Account numbers should be different for each company)

7 Analytic accounts

8 Chart of taxes (on sales and purchase)

9 Any specific requirement for Journal Names

10 Bank Accounts with name of banks

11 Preferred Sequence Numbers for documents like Invoices, Receipt and Payments, Journals etc (Sequences should be different for each company)

12 Payment Terms

13 Authority Matrix for transaction approval/ workflows including invoices, receipt/ payment and journals

14 Job Description of the users to set users rights

15 Fixed Assets list with related policies

16 If any discounts are applicable on sales, is it accounted separately?

17 Is there requirements of multiple sales, purchase and cost of goods sold accounts per product category

18 Is there requirements of multiple control accounts for Partners like Vendors

19 Is there automated Inventory Accounting or Manual Accounting?

20 Is there requirement of payroll accounting, what are payroll policies and related taxes?

21 Products Data including Product name, Product IDs, products categories, sales price, cost price, UOM, and product price lists, related accounts

22 Partners (Vendors) Data including Name, Contact person, Address/ Contact details price lists, related taxes/ rates, Payment Terms, location and related accounts

23 Opening balances on cut-off date

24 Commercial documents formats including invoices, cheques, journal etc

25 Financial Reporting format for management reports and legal reports

26 Level of training required for Odoo Accounting End Users – No. of Days of Training

27 Level of Go Live Support required for Odoo Accounting End Users – No. of Days of support

28 Other information/ any specific customization required

*Above given checklist is a proposed checklist for helping Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and requirements may very entity to entity therefore you can adopt it/ reject it without putting any liability on writer/ person sharing it, if it is not suitable for you.