Chatter is available on Journal & Journal Entry; Manual reconciliation for partners from aged balance and partner ledger. Move to check on accounting dashboard. Improved form, list views, dashboard, settings, …

Reconcile a payment with both a receivable and a payable. Find easily reconciled entries (search, stat button). Find items from Sales Orders; bank reconciliation report improvement. Multiple taxes per line in write Off

Default set of the journal to prevent error; Select several account journals in financial reports.

New reports for assets; Manage assets through account; improved usability, automate journal entries for re-evaluations, sell & disposals.

IBAN Compliance
New widget to know if the bank account number is a correct IBAN number.

Periodical closing with lock date; Configuration of taxes made easy; Only one tax per tax percentage; Type of taxes visible in tax mapping.

Import in mass customer invoices in Odoo accounting. Select the invoice reference type by journal entries.

Vendor Bills
Technical improvements and QR code vendor bill payment allowed for SEPA regions.

A Back Booking option has been added. It helps define how the debit should be handled, single consolidated debit or multiple debits.

Accounting Engine
The models of customer invoice, vendor bill and journal entry have been merged, allowing more flexibility in the edition of those documents.

Improvement of the layout of the PDF previewer.

Prevent duplicate of partners based on VAT number.

Follow Up
Send SMS Text Messages from your follow-up reports.

Easier configuration. Show tax amount rather than computed tax rates to the customer.

Suspense Account for Bank Transactions
Easy match between suspense account entries and recorded bills, history on entries.

Accounting Entries Security Modes
You can choose the Security level by journal (new lock posted entries by hash). By default you can modify entries as long as the period is not closed.

Closed Tax Period
You can set the accounting date automatically to the first open day for new bill on tax locked periods. IE: It’s now the 04/10 the invoice was on 26/09 but tax lock date was 30/09 Odoo will set accounting date to 01/10.

Allowing recognizing the expense/revenue in a different period keeping tax return in the invoice period.

Manage expenses as well as revenues; Automated deferred expense entries.

Accounting Adjustements
AUtomatic transfers based on distribution rates (%) or analytic filters

Better precision on currency rate. Fiscal position accepts char in zip range. Improved adjustements in tax wizard.

Dynamic Journals & Ledgers
Browse your accounting data through Odoo generic search views and get the original document preview. (Available in: Journal, Sales, Purchase, Misc, Bank & Ledger, Partner ledger, General ledger)

Payment Follow-up
Improved usability, automated level, filtering by levels & SMS integration.

Invoices importation
If your invoicing is managed by another software than Odoo, you can import all your invoices easily.

Manual Journal Entries
Improvement in manual encoding of entries, pre-filled fields, journal set by default.

CODA & CAMT import improvements
You can now import multiples files all at once, new fields, better performance.

Off Balance sheet
New account type: Off-Balance sheet accounts useful for annual reporting annexes.

Split payment for partial allocation; QR code vendor bill payment allowed for SEPA countries.

Manual Reconciliation
Manual reconciliation for a dedicated partner will always show all open entries allowing to easily make payable/receivable adjustments.

Reconciliation Models
New fields allow more flexibility for automated rules. New rule to automate fee detection based on communication.

Improved layout, performance in Aged Balances. Improved cashflow statement performance. New bank statement report with more details.

Single Liability Account
If the balance of VAT transactions shows a debt to the State at the end of the period, they are combined into a single liability account to help with deadlines and automate the accounting entries.

Taxes Closing Entries
New lock date allowing preventing any changes related to a closed tax period. The type of tax (sales, purchase) is now visible in the tax mapping.

Print Original Vendor Bills
You can now print the original vendor bills for as many bills as you want. You can choose between the Odoo bill or the original one.

Arithmetic operations in fields
New widget to allow operations directly into fields (ie: =650*0.34).

Winbooks import
You can now import a Winbooks database zip file